I never thought I’d write a review for an appliance repair person

Here are the things that impressed us so much about Chris: 1)  Was extremely friendly, personable, and honest throughout the entire process. 2) The parts to fix our machine were not available for several weeks, so on the initial visit he provided a temporary fix that allowed to keep using the machine until the final repairs could be done. 3) He detected an active gas leak in our building. When we went into the building’s furnace room the stench of gas was obvious. He then helped us shut off the building’s gas and advised us on who to call to deal with the situation. Our Laundry Washing Machine was clunking, grinding, and banging. I never thought I’d write a review for an appliance repair person, but I’ve never been so impressed with an appliance repair person before. We needed our washing machine fixed. We looked around and were lucky enough to find Chris of Cambie Appliance Repair. If you want someone who is highly knowledgeable, skilled, honest, friendly, and reliable to repair your appliances, then you have your man: Chris of Cambie Appliance Repair.”  -David