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More than just appliance repairs


I work for you not a manufacturer or a sales company. I am not here to sell you a new machine, or to force you into a repair on your current one. I prefer to lay out the options for you. Then answer your questions, so that you can be in charge of your own destiny.

I am happy to give honest advice that may lead to less frequent need of my services. I believe it is best to do the right thing even when it may not be the most profitable for me.

I have true passion for what I do and it shows. I care about my customers and our community. I strive to keep your appliance out of the landfill whenever economically possible.


The best way to find out about me is to read real reviews from everyday people about Cambie Appliance Repair.


Here are some testimonials submitted by real customers…

“Thank you so much for the tips and diagnostic experience you brought to your two trips to my house. You explained everything very well and showed me the part you were concerned with. My Dishwasher  was not washing dishes properly; not filling well. Also my clothes washer leaked sometimes. It’s nice to deal with someone who takes the time to explain what he is doing and why it needs to be done.” -Elaine 

My oven wasn’t heating at all. Chris responded to my email, setting up an appt. I can see why…He multi-tasked fixing working on the stove and talking to me. He quickly diagnosed the problem,and we set up another appt. for installation of the defective part. He was in my experience, fast ,efficient, very respectful and careful of our home. On top of this he also offered up some great tips to prolong the life of our washer, a great story on the virtues of steam cleaning, and where to get a little domestic unit, and finally I went out and got a pair of those plastic strips he used under our stove to prevent the marring of our floor. A very happy customer.-James 

Here are the things that impressed us so much about Chris: 1)  Was extremely friendly, personable, and honest throughout the entire process. 2) The parts to fix our machine were not available for several weeks, so on the initial visit he provided a temporary fix that allowed to keep using the machine until the final repairs could be done. 3) He detected an active gas leak in our building. When we went into the building’s furnace room the stench of gas was obvious. He then helped us shut off the building’s gas and advised us on who to call to deal with the situation. Our Laundry Washing Machine was clunking, grinding, and banging. I never thought I’d write a review for an appliance repair person, but I’ve never been so impressed with an appliance repair person before. We needed our washing machine fixed. We looked around and were lucky enough to find Chris of Cambie Appliance Repair. If you want someone who is highly knowledgeable, skilled, honest, friendly, and reliable to repair your appliances, then you have your man: Chris of Cambie Appliance Repair.”  -David

“Great repairman. Friendly and fair. Highly recommended. Dryer made a squeaky noise. My 20 yr old Maytag (top load washer/dryer combo) was made to last 6 decades. I will definitely use him again in the future.” -Tana

“Chris gave a thorough assessment. Washing machine was not working. Water was leaking heavily. Although I needed to replace the machine he then helped provide replacement recommendations. I followed his suggestions and came up with some possible choices which I sent to him for a final “look-over”. I greatly appreciate and value such trusted advice and service. Extremely high level of professionalism.” -Rhonda

“Our washer machine was making knocking noises, leaking and generally causing me and my family a lot of distress. Chris offered some unsolicited advice and detailed instructions to trouble-shoot, and ultimately, he diagnosed our need to buy a new machine, at the expense of him gaining anything from our interaction. Thank Chris for the advice, and I almost hope our machine breaks down so that we can use Chris in the future.” -Tomas S.

“My Gas Oven was making scary noises when the oven would heat up. And the drawer roller was broken. I loved the quick response to my email, stating a specific time for the repair call (That doesn’t happen much any more.) I had an idea of what wasn’t working, so I was able to tell Chris when I booked the appointment. He came with the part, so no need for a second visit. I mentioned the broken drawer and as he was giving a suggestion of where to buy the part, if I wanted to replace it myself…he looked inside and was able to find all the parts and reassemble them. He saved me a lot of time and effort. So helpful, thorough and personable. I ended up sending out a word-of-mouth referral to my family and friends, and now I am telling you. Everything was great. Thanks, Chris…I feel confident now that the Maytag Super Capacity Plus gas oven is a great one…It came with the house when I bought it, and now I feel lucky that it did.” -Sally Quinn

To request a service call visit https://cambieappliance.com

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