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To contact us please use the request form at

Business hours are spent going house to house fixing machines and focusing on the clients and appliances in front of me. Emails more often replied to in the early morning and late evening/night

The form asks for details which, if filled out entirely, give you the best chance of a first reply with an offer for an appointment, including all the rates and terms which apply so you can make an informed choice prior to booking

Having the details about your model number and the appliance’s symptoms gives me the info I need to research the malfunction in my vast data banks and on the internet. More importantly the best chance of bringing parts on the first visit (whenever possible) to avoid days of delay waiting for parts and multiple visits.

Please note no phone number is published to public. Email is used to ensure you get detailed information regarding pricing and expectations. Details to give you maximum satisfaction which would take far too long to express via telephone.

This also gives you a written record to refer to if you forget the time/date of the appointment. A record saved in the cloud allowing you to search historically if needed