Do they still make good machines?

Here is a news story about the golden age of appliances:


Videos from working in the field:

How to clean your lint screen if you use dryer sheets. If water cannot pass through the lint screen your clothes won’t dry. See what dryer sheets can do to your lint screen that could break your dryer and cost you hundreds of dollars to repair. I suggest you avoid using dryer sheets to prevent negative consequences to your health (chemicals absorb through skin into your blood stream) and prevent damage to your dryer. If you insist on using the sheets I suggest cleaning the screen regularly to prevent wasting electricity and time waiting for long dry cycles.

Too much detergent. In Vancouver we need so little detergent. Please make sure you put 1/4 of the amount they suggest (for smaller machines use 1/8 the amount). If we follow the label or use pre-portioned detergent packets (like Tide “pods”) we can end up with something like the one in this video.*Never put detergent into the wrong compartment on the machine* Remember that whatever you put in the fabric softener compartment (never used for anything but lavender oil at my house) will be added during the rinse cycle and will remain in the clothes until they are washed again. The whole purpose of rinsing the clothes is to ensure you don’t walk around with detergents absorbing into your skin (head to toe!).

A top load washer working well. This is what a top load washer looks like when you properly load the clothes. When it is not crammed full of clothes then items can tumble and circulate with the water currents and get much cleaner while avoiding wear and tear created by things rubbing together. The load is balanced so when it goes into spin it doesn’t bang or bounce around.

A front load washer with a worn out bearing. Using too much detergent (or non-HE detergent) can wash away the lubrication in the bearing that rotates with the spin basket. Or it can wear out with time -which seems to come much, much sooner on front loaders than on good old top loaders.

See Chris on Shaw ACCESS TV’S Appliances Break.

A show about appliances, with a frank discussion about the state of modern appliances and the impact on both appliance owners and the planet. *Get important info that can help you decide if your old machine is worth fixing*



Before starting your dishwasher run your kitchen tap (

Loading a clothes washing machine part 1 (

Loading a clothes washing machine part 2:  (

Loading a clothes washer: Check your pockets (

MARCH 2015 Hosts : Narges Mowlaee and Molly Caron

APRIL 2015 Hosts : Narges Mowlaee and Molly Caron

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Oct 2015 

41:52 – 42:29 Dishwasher Detergent

48:21 – 49:19 Dishwasher Rinse Aids


Aug 2015

22:49 – 24:07 Using too much laundry detergent?

33:46 – 34:11 Vancouver’s Water

40:30 – 41:56 Using Lavender oil in the wash.


June 2015

18:43 – 20:34 Balancing the Laundry

27:55 – 29:34 Tips on how to properly load your laundry machine

49:18  – 49:48 When is your machine full?

55:25  Check your pockets! (laundry)


May 2015

15:4517:38 Hot and cold water washing explained


April 2015

42:06 – 46:32 Narges intros/extros another ongoing segment of “Appliances Break” with Molly interviewing Chris Hilliker of Cambie Appliance Repair and Refrigeration.


Mar 2015

11:45 – 16:00 Modern Appliances: Obsolescence by Design?