Too many people over dry these days.

Always read your care labels. Cotton clothing, as well as some blends, react better to certain temperatures or drying times.

You can greatly reduce fabric damage that leads to wrinkling through correct care.

Do not leave in the dryer too long. Take out when still slightly damp, the heat in the dryer ages fabrics.

For jeans and other cottons we want the material to still be damp in the thick spots (like seam on legs, pockets etc. where material is doubled or tripled up). The moisture will wick away and evaporate off (especially if still hot/warm).

Use the buzzer on the dryer so you can catch it right when its finished. Then the fabric is still warm (if not, then maybe its still too damp).

This saves time too, then you are not waiting for clothes that are already dry and you can get the laundry transferred from the washer sooner and ultimately finish sooner.

Turn dark clothes inside out and dry on the lowest heat.

Fluffing down Comforters/Jackets: Put a couple of tennis balls or dryer balls in the dryer with them to reduce static.