Tips for making due in a pinch…

For items you need every day use a cooler. Put the cooler in the coldest place you can. In colder weather put it outside. To prevent animals from getting in put something heavy on top.

For anything in the freezer or fridge that you do not use everyday but wish to keep long term…call/visit your local supermarket and ask to speak to the manager. Tell them of your situation (maybe even add that you just bought a whole bunch from them recently and worried you’ll lose it) and politely ask if you may bring a couple boxes, sealed and clearly labeled on all sides. Perhaps they will let you put some in their fridge and freezer, provided they have space.

And/or…contact your neighbors or strata council to see if anyone can share some space in theirs. Good excuse to build a relationship with a neighbor you don’t know, which could be handy in future too.