Money and time wasted on long dry times?

Cleaning the lint trap on your dryer is not enough.

It takes more time to wait for clothes to dry in a machine with clogged vents than it does to check your vents and appliance to see if it is clogged or partially obstructed.

Make note of the amount of lint in your dryer, remove the lint catching system sometimes and have a peak with a flashlight.

You must open the machine and clean the lint in the internal (machine) ducting and the external (household) ducting.

If you are unable to do this yourself it is good to get a cleaning company to do this. Look in the ends of the vent if you can.

Find out where it leaves your home, the roof, the wall outside near the ground.

If you know where it is you keep an eye out for things blocking it out there.

If you are in a Condo or Townhouse you should find out how often your ducts are getting cleaned.

If this is not checked or cleaned annually you could end up with a dryer fire or at the very least a higher electricity bill and longer dry times.

This all leads to more wear and tear on your machine and risks a shorter lifespan for your appliance. The more lint in the duct, the slower the airflow. The slower the airflow, the more the moisture cools and condenses on the inside of the duct (taking the lint particles with it). This leads to slower flow and the cycle begins again (compounding).