Q: Do I pay the service charge multiple times, once for every appliance?

Q: Do I pay the service charge multiple times, once for every Appliance?

A: Provided I have been informed about the number of appliances to be worked on prior to booking a time, I can work on multiple machines. The additional appliance service charge is $45 per additional machine. If more than 2 appliances, it will be priced on a case by case basis.

Normally when I book an appointment it only covers the issues mentioned in the initial request sent by the customer. When scheduling the appointment the amount of time needed is calculated by knowing what I am working on.

When new requests for other repairs are made upon arrival it can make the time crunched and may result in subsequent visits which adds to my cost –another appointment time means taking away from being at another job(s) where service charge(s) would be earned. As such, in the event that an additional appliance is brought up after the appointment has been booked, the additional appliance service charge would not be discounted to the $45 amount, it would be charged as $90 per additional machine.

If another visit is required, where I believe the issue could have been addressed in the first visit given proper notice, a service charge would be applied.

A certain number of service charges per day makes it possible to keep in business and cover overhead costs.