Cambie’s Covid Aware Appliance Repair

Hello, my name is Chris and like you, I am trying to avoid infection during a pandemic.

Going to 6-8 homes a day is risky. I closed my business for 4 years and recently got back in the saddle again, out of need. Before 2019 I was ranked highly on Google (top 3 organic results for a decade) but now that I am back, I have found that Google has me low on their list and work is slower.


Precautions I Take:

• I wear a Vitacore CAN99 (qualitative fit tested)

• Use nasal spray and CPC mouthwash prior to coming inside your home

• I sanitize my hands and wear reusable booties over my protective footwear.

Precautions I Hope Clients Take:

(things linger in the air for many hours)

• If you can flush your home with ample fresh air for a couple hours before I arrive it helps keep me safe.

• If you keep flushing while I am there and after I leave it helps keep you safe

• Wear a good mask with a good seal (I have plenty and can provide one for you as well if you wish)

Optimal Ventilation:

-Exhausts: stove hood fan, bathroom fan

-Open windows, doors (they let a lot more air in and help with cross breeze)

-Air cleaners/filters

Expanded Service Area:

While I would love to be able to say I will go anywhere, it is not always feasible to do so. I work jobs between school pickup/dropoff and 1 job far from home can take up the same amount of time as 2 or 3 jobs closer to home.

If you are outside the areas listed below please feel free to ask anyways (I might go out of my way for you, or have DIY tips!).

Please know that I honestly care and that if I reply that I can’t come, it is after careful consideration and considerable difficulty replying with a “no” (it goes against my core nature!).

I usually work in: Coquitlam, Burnaby New West, Port Moody, Port Coquitlam, EastVan and Vancouver’s Westside (*if you have proper parking – the struggle is real- then I will come downtown for covid safe people)

I work on your:







Washing Machine

(but not on small appliances: like kettle, toaster, etc)

In-Home Service Hours :

Mon-Thurs 10am-1pm

Fri-Sat 10am-10pm

*often emails and requests responded to in early morning and late evening

More Info You Give... the Better I Can Help

  • *Required to receive a reply. Double check your spelling. If you get it wrong we may have no way to reach you...
  • Between Port Coquitlam - Vancouver ONLY **We do not service Downtown core in Vancouver**
  • (Refrigerator, Dishwasher, etc...) *If washer please indicate if front loader or top loader. If front loader please indicate if a dryer is sitting on top of the washer
  • Important: We do not service LG, Miele, Samsung, Asko, Sub Zero, Wolf , Eurotech and others.
  • So I can research ahead of time and maybe bring parts. => Can't find your model number? Check around the door/jam (avoid ones on manuals/receipts).

  • The more the merrier. Details will help me reply with the best answer or show up with the right equipment.


Are you within our Service Area? 

We Service Coquitlam, Burnaby, New West, Port Moody Port Coquitlam and East and West sides of Vancouver* (*see map below)

We do not usually service Vancouver’s Downtown Core

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