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Cambie Appliance is closed until May
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In a situation where you smell gas the best thing to do is call the gas company (
Fortis 1 888 224 2710). They come look for safety sake, for free, they come much quicker than most appliance people can. They check for the leak and advise on safety. 

If your machine leaks try and locate the water supply line and turn water off to the machine. Follow any pipes or hoses from the machine and work your way back to find the tap. Usually under the sink for a dishwasher. Run the sink on hot to warm the pipes and then follow the hot pipe and you will see pipe/valve heading the direction of the dishwasher.

A good safe thing to do for any malfunctioning machine (aside from fridge) is to turn the machine’s power off at the house electrical panel. Hopefully it will be adequately labeled so you can isolate the machine. Consider confirming that power js off by testing the machine.

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